Saturday, March 7, 2009

Latest Appointments

Most recently Tobi had appointments with the optimologist and the dermatologist. Her skin is displaying symptoms of allergies, and we're thinking that might have something to do with the irritation of her eyes, too. The most common allergies in dogs are food allergies, so Tobi has some new food! It's fancy expensive vet food, even though it's made of only fish and potatoes! Go figure. In addition to that, she gets medicated shampoo, some special solutions for cleaning her ears and her folds, and more medication! Here's this month's lineup:

Tobi Skin Meds

Here's how the ear cleaning works, it's kind of fun: You soak a cotton ball in the cleanser, and then squish it down into her ears, and then let her shake them out, and it breaks up the earwax!