Friday, April 30, 2010

Poor Nina (and Tobi)

So we know now that Nina has an immune system disorder that makes her anemic, and she's been on regular medication for a couple months. Since her immune system is repressed by the medicine, she recently caught a cold and an eye infection.
Poor Nina's Eye

Because of the treatment for that on top of her current medication, she has left Tobi in the dust in terms of daily medical treatment, which is something I daresay we never expected. Here's the line-up of the medicine that our pets need on a daily basis:

New Meds for Cats and Dogs

If you click on the picture it will take you to a breakdown of what everything is. But to sum it up, when we get up in the morning we rub a paste on Nina's gums, force a pill down her throat, squirt a liquid in her mouth, and squeeze an eye-drop into her eye. Then Tobi gets her regular eyedrops, and an antibiotic pill because her skin has been acting up again.

So that's the medical report. The good news is that Nina's eye and Tobi's skin have been getting better. Nina has been seeing a cat specialist whom we like. The medicine is more expensive, but the vet visits are actually cheaper than in the states, so it evens out. Despite it all, we feel like Nina is doing well. She is very active, and loves the yard. She caught her first mouse ever about two weeks ago, and we just discovered the corpse of her second. And we can only interpret that as good news.