Sunday, July 29, 2012

Foot Surgery

Tobi finally had surgery to remove her gross interdigital cyst. I've lost count of how many different antibiotics she's been on, and none of them have helped it go down. So last week decided to have the vet cut it out. She's sore of course, but she can still walk around on it.
As the vet said though, the problem with wrapping up a bulldog's foot is that it's a bulldog foot. She assures us that the surgery went great and the stitches are healing nicely, but under that dressing it looks like a horrible mess. Graphic photo after the jump!



ann blazius said...

Did surgery resolve the Cyst on Tobi's paw? My Bulldog is going through the same thing. The Vets put her on a 5 day course of antibiotis, but it never worked. The cyst is back, swollen and weeping again :-(

ann blazius said...

Did surgery resolve Tobi's cyst?
My Bulldog is going through the same thing, antibiotics are not working.

Morgan Loomis said...

It mostly worked, it's been a year now, and while she still gets small cysts that come and go, in that spot and others, she's never had one as big or constant since then. Antibiotics didn't have any affect on her either, they tried two different types over the course of a couple weeks. So we considered the surgery successful. Good luck!